Tanya Faris

Hair Stylist
Tany Faris - Hair Stylist

as a professional hairdresser for 12 years,

Tanya Faris has managed to ombre science into art, becoming one of this generation’s most gifted, sought out, and multi-faceted Hairologists. She has a natural knack and ability in crafting each one of her client’s hair to the most specific and aesthetically pleasing standards that they may seek. Specializing in extensions, coloring, and cutting Tanya Faris flawlessly crafts her client’s hair into classic styles, leaving her own snip of scissors signature that instantly turns any casual stroll down Sunset into a vibrant and theatrical cat-walk, leaving heads turning and hearts throbbing. You can always find Tanya ahead of the curb when it comes to trends, as she is a visionary in every sense of the word. One can only be defined as a lead stylist and hold such accolades by radiating and exemplifying true passion, devotion, and expertise to this delicate art. She sets the benchmark and exceeds expectations stating, “If you can dream it, I can do it.” To make such a bold statement you better believe Tanya Faris is not only a master of her craft but a trailblazer and all-around beautiful person for the younger generation to model themselves after. Tanya doesn’t leave her talents in the studio, not by any means. She has also helped produce many photo shoots. Detailing everything from location to make up, and of course hair, sometimes styling as many as three models at once while simultaneously explaining in-depth what she is doing and why she is doing it. This intricate approach allows clients to fully understand and appreciate what style Tanya is crafting, a big reason why so many people are so grateful for her services and keep coming back. There is no secret to this Victorian-era artist as Tanya leaves no questions unanswered and sends her clients on a path of peace and prosperity in the most glamorous and confident of way. She is, Tanya Marie Faris.

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